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Ohm+Nut+Bank+Aun's BD party 19/03/08

One of the best for this week was a birthday party for Ohm, Nut, Aun, and Bank on Wednesday~

We went to this Japanese ShabuShabu buffet near the university :) It was a shame I couldn't have my meat-frenzy because I'm quite unhealthy at the moment. So, I settled down with this... Me loves veggies! <3 The sweet meat can be spotted! XD

This is what Shabushabu looked like~ We had personal pot in front each of us :D The soup was very nice and just typing this made my stomache growled >_>

Ken being harassed by the old pervert, Or+!

Or, Hip, and Hip's younger sis.

Doam, looked absolutely sweet and GAY.

Nut sticking his tongue out XP

Hip was not impressed by Brave's love. :( *facepalmed*

Doam and Ohm~

Dissy (with a half of his face D'awww), Or, Air, and Doam... XD

Happy Belated Birthday you silly people! :D :D

And, we just gave Nut his present today, and kindly convinced him to stay still for once and pose for us~ I fucking love that gay pink ribbon! :B

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